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In movie production we always insist on the best equipment for the job .its our believe that every movie should have a great elements like ,good story telling ,wonderful pictures , great locations and should be made with the intention of serving a variety of viewers across the whole world

for us great movies depend on the taste of the audience and they must always be taken into consideration when embarking on any  movie project , not forgetting quality which is our hallmark .

In terms of equipment we always insist on the  latest equipment in town for our works . our professionals are always aware of new equipment released every month.  equipment to be used depend on the kind of project we are embarking on  .hugely budgeted projects demand greater and more advance equipment ,indeed the lowest camera we would settle for is a high definitions camera 

with the highly experience and knowledgeable  crew members at our disposals ,they would  advice we go in for nothing but the best equipment ,quality is our hall mark and any thing that makes it easy for quality to be achieved is certainly the quality of the equipment and the knowledge of the crew coupled with the professionalism of the director as well  as the production team 

LTV FILMS is also much into commercials and advertisement for corporate bodies.both international and local corporations