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L.T.V FILMS GHANA, is a Limited Liability Company,  an independent motion picture Production Company assembled from creative and business entertainment industry .Professionals with a common goal of producing  independent films”.

Our goal is to produce a motion picture that will entertain, educate, surprise, and refresh the spirit of true independent film making through provocative story-telling. “our movies” will touch the soul, break new ground, educate, and entertain.

We convey an immense amount of experience, expertise, and Professionalism into our  productions.

LTV FILMS GHANA. Was formed in august, 2007 by the amalgamation of different professionals from different media houses to produce high quality, important, honest, thought provoking, profitable Low-budget theatrical motion pictures and television programming to be experienced by a wide variety of audiences,both in Africa and across the world .in this respect we hope to be the greatest multimedia house on the continent sooner .we have began the production of movies and couple of series ,music videos and commercials are just  our daily activities ,indeed with all this at hand we are now stretching our arms far and wide welcoming foriegn collaborations and producers into our organisation to change the face of Ghanian movie and African movies at larg ,we are always prepared to learn new things and new ways of making movies ,our doors are open to any collaboration from any part of the world indeed we are up to the task

Many are the projects we are embarking on , which of them would you want to be part of , 
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