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About Us


In movie production we always insist on the best equipment for the job .its our believe that every movie should have a great elements like ,good story telling ,wonderful pictures , great locations and should be made with the intention of serving a variety of viewers across the whole world

for us great movies depend on the taste of the audience and they must always be taken into consideration when emberking on any  movie project , not forgetting quality which is our hallmart

Music vedios

LTV FILMS  believes music is the food for the soul .and as unique  as it is,  we must always put in our utmost best to bring out an outstanding videos to match the purpose of the artist .

its our goal to make every music video a unique  experience for the viewers .It must have  good concept ,great directing , wonderful artistry and a perfect picture .coupled with our professional crew and cast you expect nothing but splendid performance  ,it is for these reasons we earn the name doyen in multimedia


In terms of equipment we always insist on the  latest equipment in town for our works . our professionals are always aware of new equipment released every month. proscription of equipment to be used depend on the kind of project we are embarking on  .hugely budgeted projects demand greater and more advance equipment ,indeed the lowest camera we would settle for is a high definitions camera 

with the highly experience and knowledgeable  crew members at our disposals ,they would  advice we go in for nothing but the best equipment ,quality is our hall mark and ane thing that makes it easy for quality to be achieved is certainly the quality of the equipment and the knowledge of the crew coupled with the professionalism of the director as well  as the production team 


software are  inevitable part of film making,our organization share this same ideas ,the technicians in ltvfilms  are flexible people  who are open  to new ideas and new way of editing movies and sounds ,for that reason soft wars are one aspect of film making we don t take likely because it would always have effect on the final product .

editors and sound men in ltvflms are always on the look for new software and ways of editing movies ,this makes them stand out in all their activities ,indeed they did not earn the name doyen for nothing


The director of ltvfilms believes casting is 90% of the job, so our casting directors search every nuck and cranny for the cast trained them before using  them for our movies ,stars are only  for the commercial purposes of the business yet still in our casting we have no respect for stars ,we still audition them and when they are qualify we  welcome them for work ,indeed from our trained actors all we need is the realistic portrayal of the characters they are give with believable actions and natural immotions coupled with a touch of professionalism.

ltvfilms also trained actors ,script writers , and other crew members ,indeed we are on our way to becoming the most fascinating multimedia house on the continent soon